Everything I do in my life is in one way or another fuelled by emotion. It’s magnificent as well as disastrous. Hopeless romanticism continues to be the catalyst to my productivity. However inevitably also my downfall. The epitome of a love hate relationship.

Chris, known as Lonerplaza is a resident of Los Angeles. Immersed in the culture and the streets of Hollywood; Chris makes music, skates, climbs and 'Edits photos'. "That’s my rotation at the moment" says the EH collective member and contributor.

If you haven’t seen him skate, visit his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lonerplaza/?hl=en … You’ve got some catching up to do. 

“I try and stay as low key and incognito as possible… life’s just easier this way" says Chris. 

We hope to feature more from Chris and his work, his projects and his words soon.