Lisa Danbi Park- Happily Eat Alone.

Lisa Danbi Park- Happily Eat Alone.

Sometimes it’s really hard to design here. There’s a feeling that I need to rush rush rush…I tell myself to slow down, take time. Good things last.

Even though I’m from los Angeles, I’m relearning how to navigate through this city again.

I try to refresh and get motivated. I’m meeting new talented friends and see their drive. We work together and share ideas, it’s starting to feel like I have a space here. 

I’m trying to make this place my city for now. I recently found a restaurant that I can walk to and happily eat alone.

Lisa Danbi Park is a Los Angeles based designer. A student of Central Saint Martins she says of her own designs- The pieces were made thoughtfully, meant to be worn and shared. Her collection can be seen on her Instagram

Lisa appeared next to Taku Obata is our 2019 studio shoot for the introduction of our Expert Horror CORE range. Linked through this initial meeting, Expert Horror is proud to be connected to Lisa and her work. She remains one of the faces of Expert Horror.